By: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. Version: 1.0

Manage Inward – Outward Documents with Ease. Central Repository for all important documents. Safeguard confidentiality of information through rigorous security policies. Efficient use of office space by reducing clutter. Complete Case Management Life cycle.


For accessing the User Manual and Case Study, please refer the Usage Section.

Product Overview

Automatic Letter Management System with Computational functionality based on the methodology used in postal management. 

Version: 1.0

By: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Categories: Aerospace, Agriculture, Banking And Finance , Construction, Defence, Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Transport.

System Requirement: Windows 2016 STD Core based (Lic+SA) - For 2 Cores(2012 R2), MySQL(5.7)


eTapal is a complete document and letter management system that effectively manages all operations and processes in document journey. Integrated data and MIS reports help to track document and take quick decisions. It is a Web Based system providing Bilingual and secure log in panel with GIGW Compliance effectively optimizes business processes. Offers features such as Centralized Inward and Outward Letter Management. MIS report at a glance. Historical data search within a click. Transparency in system. Time saving and improve work efficiency. Online file creation, forwarding and closing.Digital record keeping. SMS and email notifications. Unique system generated file number, inward and outward numbers. Efficient letter and file tracking easy monitoring.

Product Packages


E-Tapal Prime

Implementation Cost(One Time)

₹ 50,000.00/-

Transaction Cost(Monthly)

Per Inward & Outward : ₹ 5.00/-

Per File Creation : ₹ 25.00/-

Per Page Upload/Creation : ₹ 1.00/-

Per Page Download : ₹ 3.00/-

No. of licences(Annually)
No of Branches---
No of Users

From 1 to 30 : ₹ 1,000.00/- Users

From 31 to 10000 : ₹ 1,200.00/- Users

No of Locations---

E-Tapal can be used by all Government Offices and all the officers and employees of the post office and postal department in Government offices.


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