eNlight Web VPN

By: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. Version: 1.0

eNlight WebVPN is specially engineered intelligent cloud hosted unique clientless VPN solution with built-in WAF for Layer7 security, high performance incoming TCP load-balancer (self-LB) and proxy balancer (backend server LB) to have powerful multi-layered load-balancing that allows you to access privately hosted applications, more securely & supports SSH, Websocket, RDP, FTP protocols. WebVPN is highly available and scalable due to its unique multi-layered LB. 


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Product Overview

Clientless - No need to install any VPN client.

High Security - Multi factor authentication with built-in WAF preventing OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities.

Cost Effective - No Hardware or Software to deploy and manage and Reduced MPLS backhaul/ traditional VPN costs

Unique - Built-in WAF, HA, self & backend server load balancing.

Zero Trust - Strict identity verification for every user trying to access resources.

Scalable - Horizontally scalable with Active-Active or Active-Passive cluster support.

Anomaly Detection - Identifies risky behaviors and effectively create filtering policies.

Version: 1.0

By: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Categories: Aerospace, Agriculture, Banking And Finance , Construction, Defence, Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Transport.


Key Features

Supports for Windows, MAC, Linux and mobile OS.

Supports for HTML5 applications, Websocket, RDP, FTP protocols, CGI applications.

Integrate with multiple identity providers simultaneously(AD, LDAP, Radius etc.)

Multifactor authentication with SMS and Email OTP.

Time based OTP with Google and Microsoft Authenticator.

WAF protects from OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities.

Key Benefits


Easy to Deploy

Highly Secure

Cost Effective

High Availability

Product Packages

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eNlight Web VPN can used by various indutries for securely accessing the content over the internet. 


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