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A Fully Managed Enterprise Class OS with built-in Hypervisor Solution



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Product Overview

An innovative Enterprise-Class Operating System to simplify your IT environment and modernize your IT infrastructure. eNlight OSv can be easily deployed across on-premise and public cloud environments to accelerate innovation. eNlight OSv is an open and complete operating environment that delivers virtualizations through built-in Hypervisor solution, management through ESDS eNlight 360° Orchestration tool and fully managed OSv support. eNlight OSv is an optimum choice for data center automation and server virtualization which can bring flexibility to IT operations and power robust workloads.

The foundation for future success

Enterprise Linux Operating System - Based on open-source operating system on which you can scale applications and roll-out advanced technologies across bare-metal, virtual and multiple cloud environments.

Open to do more

Enterprise Xen Hypervisor - ESDS has customized and has made improvements to develop Enterprise Xen Hypervisor to easily manage and enhance virtual environments.

Take Control

XenCenter - XenCenter enables you to manage your Xen Hypervisor environment via XAPI (Xen API) and efficiently deploy, manage, and monitor virtual machines from your Windows desktop.

Simplify key IT processes

eNlight 360° - eNlight 360° is a complete on-premise hybrid cloud solutions which comes with a hybrid cloud orchestration layer along with data center management suite and security scanner.

By: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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Multi Tenancy and Identity Management - Multi Tenancy refers to the architecture in which a single instance of software runs on a server and serves multiple tenants. A tenant is a group of users that share a common access with specific privileges to the software instance. eNlight360˚ supports multi tenancy which is beneficial for all types of organizations or enterprises.

User Management - A Role-based Dashboard allows all the users play any role – be it network administrator, server admin or any other administrator to get the desired data pointers, statistics and graphs of technology performance through a single window. Dashboards should also drive decisions and help users take timely action during technology emergencies. With eNlight 360˚, users can access easy- to-use data through a single customizable dashboard.

Auto discovery - Auto-discovery of network devices through SNMP protocol is possible in eNlight 360˚. If SNMP is enabled you can discover its hardware details, network details and its IP details. Once the device is added to eNlight 360˚ bandwidth monitoring can also be executed.

Rack View - eNlight 360˚ has a Rack View function from where administrators can perform monitoring of entire IT infrastructure including application services. The next- gen software suite creates an imprint of actual rack deployment in datacenters. With this advanced feature datacenter managers can perform suitable capacity management.

Monitoring - DCM (Data Center Management) tools include a set of applications that help system and network administrators manage a datacenter’s IT infrastructure in a manner to achieve higher application availability and performance delivery. eNlight 360˚ will enable functions like adding devices with automated method of discovery, managing IT assets like hardware and software, monitoring all resources of the devices like RAM, CPU, disk, capacity management, generating various alerts based on thresholds as well as troubleshooting system, network, database and even application.

Topology - eNlight 360˚’s topology monitoring feature auto discovers all network and system devices creating an easyto-work on topological view. This view is refreshed every few seconds giving the current status of the devices and services to datacenter managers.

Asset Lifecycle Management - eNlight 360˚ DCM helps to manage the inventory of a datacenter IT infrastructure. Both the software and hardware inventory can be monitored and tracked using the DCM. Managing the inventory through remote office is also possible under this software. An alert mechanism has also been orchestrated to notify datacenter managers whenever there is any change in the IT inventory.

IP Management - With this function data center managers can overlook the IPs configured on every device. Management of IPs configured on any physical ports is also an added property.

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