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By: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. Version: 2.0
Metadata-driven ETL for Data Engineering and Governance.


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Product Overview

A Configurable Engineering Framework that solves basic problem of Data Landscape Your ETL journey with a Low Server Cost and Reduced Human Intervention. Functions with host of Data Processors (Reader / Writer / Parser) with ‘Parallel’ processing in Asynchronous mode. Eliminates Ingestion, Mapping and Transformation challenges and Performance (Matrix of Cost & Time).

Version: 2.0

By: ESDS Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Categories: Aerospace, Agriculture, Banking And Finance , Construction, Defence, Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Transport.


Speed Controller Plus Min  IT Infrastructure to host App Plus Minimal Human Effort in Operation leading to Low Opex Set up

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Data Consolidation from Heterogeneous Sources Plus Data Clean-up Formatting Plus Data Migration.


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