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Connecting Farmers with all relevant stakeholders in the Agriculture Sector



Famrut  is  an innovative  Ecosystem which  delivers  future-ready farming  solutions  and  connects  farmers  with  all  relevant stakeholders  of the  entire  agricultural  sector.


Current Challenges

Lack of  awareness  about  leveraging  emerging  technology  for  smart  farming  and automation. 

Unpredictable  weather  conditions  due  to  climate  change  causing  huge  losses in production. 

Large amount  of  manual  labour  needed  for  farming  practices  such  as  plant  disease detection,  irrigation,  yield  prediction  and  safe storage  of  produce. 

Lack of  management  of  resources  such  as  water,  fertilizers,  pesticides,  etc. 

Lack of  access to  market  prices,  supply  chain  and  logistics  information. 

Famrut offers

Loan Approval and Disbursal System, Crop Lifecycle and Disease Diagnosis, Insurance Approval and Disbursal System, Graphs on Daily food commodity rates, weather etc, Contact Service providers such as Agronomists, Soil Testers etc, Smart Farming using AI/ML & IoT Technology, Government Dashboard, Government Schemes and assistance, Blogs and Forums for understanding the solutions.



Climate Control - Monitoring  of climatic  conditions,  weather  stations  and  crop  health predictions  by combining  various  smart farming  sensors. 

Crop  Management - Collect  data  on  parameters  such as  temperature,  precipitation,  leaf water  potential,  overall  crop  health,  lighting,  soil condition, humidity,  C02  levels,  pest infections,  etc.

Precision  Farming - IoT sensors to  monitor  field  microclimate  and  ecosystem,  estimate optimal  amounts  of water,  fertilizers,  and  pesticides  that their  crops need  in order  to  reduce  expenses  to  raise healthier  crops.

Predictive Analytics  for Smart  Farming - IoT and  smart  sensor  technology  to  come  up with  important predictions  such as  crop  harvesting  time,  the  risks of diseases and infestations,  yield  volume,  etc.

Greenhouse  Automation - Get accurate real-time  information  of lighting,  temperature,  soil conditions,  humidity,  irrigation  systems,  etc.

Cattle  Monitoring and  Management -Sensors can be attached  to  the  animals  on  a  farm  to  monitor  their health  and  log  performance.  Sensors can identify  sick animals,  so that farmers  can separate them  from  the  herd  and  avoid contamination.

Agricultural Drones - Drones can handle  tasks such as  planting  crops,  fighting  pests and infections,  agricultural  spraying,  crop  monitoring,  disease detection,  yield  count,  plant  states,  etc.

Satellite Mapping and  Surveying - Survey and  map  land  data to  identify  soil fertilization,  type  of crops,  temperature  and  climatic  conditions.


The Ecosystem can be used by Farmers to access Finace, to connect with relevant stakeholders offering various solutions related to farming.


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