Billing Plan That Grows Only When You Grow

We at SPOCHUB understand that selecting the correct software-pricing model is critical to scale business operations and grow revenue. Whether you intend to minimize upfront investment or ongoing expenses, we have a billing structure that fits you.

Here is our flexible billing structure for you to manage your IT budget like a pro!

Pricing Types

Implementation Cost

Implementation cost is a one-time payment that customers have to pay at the beginning when buying the service.

Support Cost

At SPOCHUB, we have a support team in association with our partners that will cater to your needs as and when required at a minimal cost throughout your subscription period.


At SPOCHUB, we enable cost-per-transaction where you pay depending on the usage of software features. The transaction cost is displayed on the portal and you can exactly know how much you will be charged for using a particular feature.

License Cost / Pay-Per-Use Model

License cost is another way we charge our customer based on no of users, branches, and locations where the customer is interested in deploying the software. This becomes easier for the customer to calculate the total cost of using the software before buying it.

Tiered- Pricing Model (Features based)

Tiered-Pricing Model involves pricing the product according to the functionality available. The price is directly proportional to the features available in the solution. Hence, all you have to do is upgrade your plan to unlock a new feature.

Tiered-Pricing gives you the flexibility to take additional features in some products and basic in some that balance the spending. It also enables easy subscription management.

Billing Model

Our billing model is specially designed to cut down unwanted recurring costs. With the billing model, you pay only for the duration you need the service.

Our billing model is divided into three parts:

Monthly Plan Subscription

You can opt for a monthly subscription to a specific plan and pay every month for using the services.

Quarterly Plan Subscription

With the quarterly plan subscription, you pay every three months for the service usage.

Yearly Plan Subscription

With the yearly plan subscription, you pay a lump sum amount for a year availing of a specific plan/service.