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QAD Adaptive ERP

By: QAD India Pvt Ltd

Manufacturers need an ERP that is secure and supply...



Manufacturers need an ERP that is secure and supply chain solutions that deploy, scale and extend easily—without sacrificing dependability. Cloud ERP should be simple to implement, manage and upgrade, allowing resources to focus on strategic initiatives and provide ERP regardless of the countries and languages in which their organization does business.

QAD Adaptive ERP combines manufacturing ERP software and supply chain capabilities with a modern platform and user experience, delivered in the cloud, to help manufacturers better identify and address change in their industry.



QAD Adaptive ERP enables manufacturers to maximize the return on their ERP investment by easily achieving greater levels of fit today and rapidly responding to change tomorrow. It is built with industry best practices for global manufacturers based on QAD’s deep industry-specific expertise. The result is faster implementations and greater fit out of the box. QAD ADAPTIVE ERP

Built on the QAD Enterprise Platform, QAD Adaptive ERP makes it easy to develop and maintain “last-mile” functionality that provides manufacturers with their competitive advantage. Extensions and new apps can be created in a low code/no code environment and, unlike intrusive customizations, do not create rigidity that interferes with upgrade.

Embedded analytics provide decision makers with actionable insights that reduce the time required to take action based on changing data and a changing competitive landscape. 

Continuous improvement projects typically focus on a narrow set of processes where the greatest return on investment can be achieved. The modular design of QAD Adaptive ERP allows customers to select only the areas of the application they want to upgrade − without needing to upgrade the entire application. This modular approach makes upgrades smaller, faster and easier.

QAD Adaptive ERP supports users’ business requirements, preferences and roles through intuitive personalization and a flexible, modern user experience.

QAD Adaptive ERP implements quickly and reliability, particularly in the QAD Cloud, and is supported 24x7, worldwide by a committed team of experts. It is a multi-language, multi-currency, multi-entity solution designed to meet the needs of global manufacturers – today and well into the future.


Because of QAD’s focus on ERP for manufacturing, QAD Adaptive ERP deployed in the QAD Cloud provides a flexible, dependable and low-risk solution that offers excellent fit out-of-the-box and the ability to readily change as the manufacturer’s business changes.

Industry-specific and cloud-based ERP built for manufacturing.

Rapid implementation.

Upgrade at your pace.

Fully integrated applications from the QAD Adaptive Applications portfolio.

Around the world and around the clock support with the ability to manage third-party applications.


Manufacturing companies from the below industry verticals


Consumer Products.

Food and Beverage.

High Tech.


Life Sciences.



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