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By: GMO GlobalSign Certificate Services Pvt. Ltd.

GlobalSign offers a range of SSL options ensuring your publi...



GlobalSign offers a range of SSL options ensuring your public servers and sites are in line with industry best practices, but also offers cost-effective options for internal servers and special use cases. All domains are pre-vetted so certificates are immediately issued and available for installation.


Robust Range of SSL Assurance Levels & Configuration Options

  • Extended Validation (EV), Organization Validated (OV), Wildcard, and Multi-domain certificates, with options to add up to 100 SANs​
  • EV SSL support for Certificate Transparency (CT) ensures the best browser UI experience​
  • Flexible Key Usage (KU) and Extended Key Usage (EKU) settings​
  • IntranetSSL supports internal server names and long validity periods for internal networks ​
  • Secure mobile and other devices with limited storage, bandwidth, and computation power with ECC certificates​


  • SHA-256 hashing algorithm
  • Free unlimited reissues
  • Compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices (not IntranetSSL)
  • Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support
  • Free Certificate Inventory Tool
  • Unlimited server license
  • Secure site seal
  • Certificate covers and * automatically
  • RSA 2048+ or ECC 256, 384 bit keys supported
  • Multi-domain certificates - Add up to 500 Subject Alternative Names (SANs) on one certificate
  • Underwritten warranties


  • Secure websites URL. 
  • Secure Internal IP's.
  • Give high user enagement for more secure platform.
  • Provide the highest level of business authentication.
  • Provide Google SEO ranking benefits
  • Satisfy compliance obligations under GDPR, ENISA, etc.


  • Phone, Email, and Live Chat Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager for all queries and concerns.



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