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eNlight 360

By: ESDS Software Solution Ltd.

A Complete On Premise Hybrid Cloud Solution.

eNlight 360° cloud solution comes with a full blown hybrid cloud orchestration layer along with complete Datacenter Management Suite i.e. eMagic (DCIM) and Security Scanner (VTMScan), that makes it the most unique offering in the market today. Its a Next Generation Hybrid Cloud orchestration software suite and can be setup in your own premises thus, giving you the security of Private Cloud and scalability of Public Cloud.


Product Overview

eNlight 360° covers following modules

Cloud Orchestration

Multi Hypervisor – Hyperv, Vmware etc.

Dynamic Scalability – Vertical, Horizontal

VM Lifecycle Management

Workflow Management - JOBs

DCM Module

Asset Management

Monitoring of Servers, Network devices.

Change Management

Network Topology Monitoring

Netflow Traffic Monitoring

Netflow, Sflow Monitoring

Interface wise dashboards

Application wise, Protocol wise.

Source IP to Destination IP wise

Syslog Analyzer

Agent based / Agent less

Syslog monitoring based on rules

Rules Correlation Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Application & Database

Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL

Jboss, TomCat, Apache


Exchange server monitoring


Features of eNlight 360°

From Physical Infra (Bare Metal) to Virtual Infra – Manage Everything

On Premise – DC Management & Cloud Computing

Auto Discovery of Physical / Virtual Infrastructure

Auto Scaling – Patented Technology

Compute, Storage, Network Management

Resource metering of Physical as well as Virtual entities

Multi Tenancy

Work Flow management

Full DC Resource monitoring

Manage & Monitor Everything From Physical Infra (Bare Metal) to Virtual Infra , Resource metering of Physical as well as Virtual entities

Auto Scaling Patented Technology for VM Compute with Storage, Network Management supports multi-hypervisors

Single Web Interface With Multi Tenancy & Work Flow management.

Charge Back Mechanism Department or user wise quota allocation of resources with charge-back mechanism




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eNlight 360 can be used by Data Center Companies.


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Version: 1.0

By: ESDS Software Solution Ltd.

Created On: 16-Dec-2020

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