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Carbonite Server Backup

By: Digiswitch Infotech Pvt Ltd

Includes protection for physical, virtual, and legacy systems.



Industry Proven Carbonite - an Opentext Company - Server Backup Solution. Carbonite Server backup offers data protection for a wide range of platforms so when disaster strikes, you can easily restore data to your chosen recovery point. 

Carbonite Server backup supports more than 200 operating systems, platforms and applications, including new and legacy systems. Few of the supported platforms and plugins

• Linux
• Windows
• Solaris
• IBM iSeries
• Microsoft SQL, Exchange and SharePoint
• Oracle 



Carbonite Server backup is a highly flexible data protection solution that backs up and replicates data securely across your own private network. With Carbonite Server backup, you can protect your entire organization and manage it all from a central dashboard. Carbonite Server backup offers data protection for a wide range of platforms so when disaster strikes, you can easily restore data to your chosen recovery point.

  • Back up and replicate data securely 
  • Flexible deployment options let you protect your entire organization, including all branch offices and data centers, with one proven solution.
  • Back up data both locally and to a secondary site.
  • Image backup with bare metal and granular restore allows you to easily recover files, folders or entire servers.
  • Centrally manage and monitor all backups, including remote sites and virtual environments.
  • Advanced compression and deduplication help minimize network stress.
  • Award-winning technical support team 


  • Advanced compression and end-to-end AES 256-bit private key encryption
  • Support for over 400 applications and operating systems including Windows, Linux and others
  • Granular file and application-aware restore options
  • Extensive platform support for physical, virtual   and legacy systems including AIX, iSeries, HP-  UX and Solaris
  • Flexible recovery options including bare metal   recovery or granular restore for files, folders and   application data



Data Threat and Loss Scenarios including but not limited to:

  • Ransomware: Malware used by cybercriminals who demand funds to unlock data. It can strike anytime and infect all organizational data within minutes.
  • Human error: The chance of a programming error or configuration mistake is high. When rolling out new applications, mistakes can often lead to data loss.
  • Storage failures: Small data centers store application and user data on internal server storage drives. These drives lack the redundancy and protection that networked enterprise storage often provides.
  • Server failures: Since data is stored internally on the server, a failure means no data access.
  • Natural disasters: Storm, floods, fires – businesses need a way to protect data locally but also make sure an offsite copy is available.


  • Award Winning Technical Support team available 24x7 for Critical support.
  • Email, Phone and Remote support options available
  • Implementation and Configuration done by the expert team as per the industry best standards     



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