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Xgen Plus -Enterprise Email Solution

By: Data Xgen Technologies Private Limited

Communication by email still remains mission critical...



 Communication by email still remains mission critical for business. If you run any mid/large organization, you have plenty of things in your mind like human resources, budgets, purchase, customers and deadlines. Xgen Plus consists of UNIQUELY designed modules for Organizations, enabling them with features to improved productivity, security, user accountability and automated communication tasks through simple steps.It’s a powerful communication solution, which provides fast, secure and reliable unified communication i.e email, transactional emails, group emails, SMS and faxing all at one place.


Xgenplus is uniquely designed to create a fast, reliable form of communication to foster long-lasting, long distance communication. Through Convergence, end users can control much of their own Email management and administration. Xgenplus uniquely offers email address in language of users choice by supporting Email Address Internalization (EAI) or email for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).



  • Linguistic Email Address
  • Alias & auto Downgrading of emails
  • Hide attachment feature
  • Broadcast messages with Domain
  • Retrieve Emails even after deleted from Trash
  • Send bulk emails with tracking report
  • 64-bit scalable and secure messaging for enterprises and service providers
  • Rich Ajax-based Web 2.0 client
  • Real-time indexing and search of e-mail content including attachments
  • Support for personal, public, and distributed shared folders; spell checker capabilities; and self-administration
  • Ability to sign and encrypt messages
  • Secure mobile access to a broad set of devices
  • Inbuilt Antispam Solution to prevent spam emails in inbox
  • Support for industry standards such as IMAP4, POP3, ESMTP, SNMP, LMTP,



Xgen Plus is Ideal For: ISP / Hosting Companies / Larger Enterprise / SMB / BPO / Colleges and Schools / Government.  XGenPlus continue to innovate and be a global leader in the email market-place by being a premium next-generation email platform and to serve the entire spectrum of organizations – from small businesses, to enterprise, to multi-million user data centers – on the same scalable, secure and affordable plat


Xgenplus supports multiple client access mechanism. There can be integration with any POP3 or IMAP4 Standards-based messaging client (such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail software)and mobile and secure remote access.



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