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eNlight WAF is a web application firewall that shie...



eNlight WAF is a web application firewall that shields web applications from attacks by permitting you to configure rules that allow, deny web requests based on conditions that you characterize. These conditions incorporate IP Control, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, directory traversal, flooding etc.


eNlight WAF is specially engineered intelligent Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall that allows you to filter incoming and outgoing web traffic and block threats like injection, cross site scripting and other attacks of the OWASP Top10. It also allows the user to create custom rules for blocking web attacks. The illegitimate traffic gets block automatically by the eNlight WAF when anomaly threshold reaches and the custom response is sent to the attacker. With eNlight WAF, you pay as you grow. Billing is done on your eNlight Cloud VM resource usage. Multiple websites can be added on eNlight WAF. WAF also provides clientless VPN (WebVPN) solution for your private applications. eNlight WAF protects your website from the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. Intuitive dashboard and rich reports & graphs provide useful information and in-depth view of WAF cluster. eNlight WAF offers Pay-As-You-Grow model and charges only for the resources used. Get optimum website security with our enterprise-class DDoS protection network. eNlight WAF scans all traffic and allows legitimate traffic pass to the web server. Many websites can be added on eNlight WAF. If an "abnormal request" is detected, WAF will increment the score of the request. If the request score reach the maximum accepted score, WAF will block request. WAF allows you to filter incoming and outgoing web traffic and block threats like injection, cross site scripting and other attacks of the OWASP Top 10. User can blacklist/whitelist IP, subnet or Country codes in application security. eNlight WAF reports the attack events in learning mode to learning dataset as well as in log viewer. eNlight WAF user can view the malicious payload, reasons and block the attacker IP in log viewer. 


Security - Enable TLS, control user reputation, set up access control and block OWASP Top 10 attacks (XSS, SQL Injection, Malware) before they reach your web applications. High Availability - Need to increase the traffic handling capacity? add nodes to the cluster: WAF runs natively as active/active and supports the CARP virtual addresses. Load Distribution - With HA-Proxy, WAF distributes incoming traffic to all nodes in the cluster. WAF can then dispatch the traffic to a farm of Web servers. Content Rewriting - WAF works in reverse-proxy. You can rewrite links, headers, content, compress pages. Anomaly Detection - WAF integrates anomaly detection algorithms allowing the administrator to identify risky behaviours and create effective filtering policies. No need to invest in a SIEM to benefit log analysis, alerting or anomaly detection in real time. WebVPN - WAF provides client less VPN solution to access privately hosted application over internet with authentication and high security. Virtual Patching - Upload a vulnerability scanner report and ESDS eNlight WAF will automatically generate the rules to correct the identified vulnerabilities. Machine Learning - Based on mathematical algorithms, eNlight WAF proposes an approach for learning and modelling of typical traffic and detection of \"abnormal\" requests. Secure Applications and Websites - Add multiple applications and websites with custom configuration. With a simple dashboard, configure and manage all your web assets easily. Custom Ruleset - eNlight WAF gives a user the possibility to edit security rules. Create and edit whitelist and blacklist rules for optimum security.


eNlight WAF is used for protecting any web application which is hosted on internet from any web attacks.


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