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Secure Your Website and Web Assets in these Challenging Times with VTMScan.



An online statistic states that $3.92 million is the average amount of a data breach. This is a hefty amount for any business, which puts CTOs and other key business decision-makers always worried about data losses and breaches. To shred off their concerns about such losses to cybersecurity attacks, we have developed VTMScan, a complete web scanning tool. By leveraging VTMScan, CTOs don't need to worry about their website and web applications' security, as VTMScan scans for all forms of online threats and cyberattacks like OWASP Top-10 Vulnerabilities, SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting, to name a few. With VTMScan, users get complete protection of their website through a comprehensive audit of the website security.


Why Choose VTMScan - VTMScan offers Content Change Monitoring, a unique feature that notifies the website owners for any website content changes. VTMScan offers an in-depth scanning solution with instant alerts when the threat looms. It is fully compatible across all platforms and content management systems.

How VTMScan Can Be Beneficial - Search Engine Friendly, Threats Detection, Prevents Website Attacks, Proactive Flaw Spotting, Specialization in Intense Detection.


OWASP Top 10 , Content Change Monitoring, Malware Scan, Phishing, CMS Scan, Domain Reputation Check, Mail server IP Check in 58 RBL repositories, Robust Link Crawling, Banner Grabbing, SSL Scan, Local File Inclusion, Remote File Inclusion, Data Leak, DMARC Inspector, Page Content Scan.


All Clients who are using websites can use our product for security.


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