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DMARC Assure

By: ESDS Software Solution Ltd.

DMARC ASSURE is a powerful security measure that helps Business Enterprises to:

Obtain complete clarity and control over all your email channels.
Authenticate and improve the deliverability of your emails.
Block inbound attacks and safeguard your brand name.
Publish an efficient policy that instructs ISP’s to deliver or delete emails.


Product Overview

Countless emails are sent daily. However, you are not the only valid user sending emails from your domain!

Your Web servers, CRM Applications, Volume mail gateways, External Marketing Agencies, Application Servers also send Emails to Customers/Stakeholders/External users using your Domain.

Do you know anyone can impersonate your domain & send emails using your lookalike domain to your Customers / Stakeholders?

Over 82% Business enterprises worldwide fall prey to domain spoofing/ impersonation crimes by Cyber Criminals leading to enormous irrevocable financial loss jeopardizing the Brand's repute.

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is an email-validation system, designed to detect and prevent email spoofing. It is an email authentication standard for receiving mail servers to determine how to evaluate emails that claim to be from your/sender domain & works on “mail from” address.


DMARC ASSURE is an email authentication standard for receiving mail servers to determine how to evaluate emails that claim to be from your domain.

Publish its email authentication practices.
State what actions should be taken on mail that fails authentication checks.
Enable reporting of these actions taken on mail claiming to be from its domain.
ISPs who support DMARC ASSURE generate reports on the sending activity for your domain.
The reports are XML files that are emailed to the email address specified in your DMARC ASSURE record.
The reports contain the sending source (domain/IP) along with whether the message passed or failed SPF and DKIM. Not only does it allow you to control email security for your domain, it also gives you deep visibility into who is sending on your behalf AND if they are signing with DKIM or passing SPF.


Tailor-made DMARC Services

DMARC Assure helps you mitigate risks and block malicious emails working like an expert guide and helping business enterprises put an efficient reject policy into place.

Simplified Deployment

Our DMARC deployment and project management specialists are always ready to assist you in selecting our DMARC Assure services: viz: 1. Basic compliance checks and reports. 2. Advisory services to ensure compliance and effective anti-phishing.

User-friendly Dashboard

We offer various overviews of your DMARC data which you can filter based on a specific date range.  In the overviews we give tips on which hosts are not yet fully optimized. You can directly link to the third-party documentation about this subject in that specific tool.

Detailed Phishing Messages

Our tool offers forensic reports from DMARC. This ensures you can track invalid email flows faster. This overview is grouped based on the detailed message.

Reports, Analysis & Interpretations

Daily or Weekly reports are sent on request. These reports show the DMARC compatibility rate for all your domains. ISPs supporting DMARC generate XML Reports that are sent to the Email address specified in your DMARC Record providing deep visibility into who is sending Emails on your behalf and if they are signing with DKIM or passing SPF. The reporting and data received after implementing DMARC can be difficult to interpret. Fortunately, if senders are willing to invest, this can be solved with managed services, who can take the data and turn it into actionable insights for senders.


The reports that DMARC Assure generates can help identify servers / IP's which are sending email On- Behalf of your domains & works on Implementing DMARC Policies after assessing the status.

Cloud Domain Spoofing

Cousin domain or look-alike spoofing instance are currently on a rampage. Alarmingly, they tend to surpass Sender Policy Framework (SPF), Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) as well as Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) checks.

Cousin domains typically are used as a phishing tool to spoof your brand's domain name. For instance, ( it is the numeric 5, instead of the alphabet S) is a cousin domain of

Our team at ESDS has added Cousin Domain Spoofing as an additional security feature to identify such cousin domain spoofing instances when the domain name can be easily miss-spelt to make it look like the authorized/original domain.


Basic Plan

₹ 45,000.00/-

( Features Cost)

  • Feature Cost
    (One Time)


    ₹ 45,000.00/-

    • Price Charged Per Domain Per Annum.
    • 1 Active Domain.
    • 5 Inactive Domains.
    • Unlimited Report Gathering.
    • Retention Period 365 Days (1 Year).
    • Push Notification.
    • Cousin Domain Name Reporting.
    • Email & Telephonic Support.
    • DMARC Assure Implemented for maximum 1 Year (To be renewed only if customer wants to continue keeping the domain under scrutiny, even after achieving quarantine/reject status)
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DMARC ASSURE Monitor- Make your Domain a “NO Phishing Zone”

Our team will handhold you through a well-defined action plan to achieve maximum compliance for your organization.

After implementing DMARC ASSURE, Organizations will begin to receive raw data with many potential insights into their email traffic. ESDS has core expertise in interpreting these reports & define action plans to achieve maximum compliance. The reports that DMARC Assure generates can help identify:

Servers/IP's which are sending email on-behalf of your domains. These servers/IP's can be identified, and SPF appropriately updated. All servers including the corporate email system will have to pass through common email gateway which enforces DKIM.

DMARC ASSURE also enables senders to receive data back from receivers, providing insight into fraudulent email patterns. There are only three DMARC ASSURE policies that a sender can specify, and thus, three deployable configurations for DMARC ASSURE.

p=none: Tells the receiver to do nothing to the message except report back to the sender that it failed DMARC ASSURE validation. The sender tells the receiver to deliver the message but lets the sender know why it failed DMARC ASSURE validation.

p=quarantine: Tells the   r e c e i v e r  t o t r e a t t h e message as spam, results in delivery of the message to the recipients' junk/ spam folder, and then tells the receiver to report back on why the message failed validation.

p=reject: Tells the receiver to block the message and report back on why the message failed validation.

The Above steps ensure that all legitimate mails are following compliance, till we reach more than 90 % Compliance, DMARC ASSURE should be configured as p=quarantine, If constantly DMARC Assure shows above 90 %, the same can be set as p=reject


Our DMARC ASSURE deployment and project management specialists are always ready to assist you in selecting the DMARC Assure services:

Basic compliance checks and reports
Advisory services to ensure compliance and effective anti-phishing.
We assist customers with their DMARC ASSURE Implementation & Our DMARC Assure analyzes Reports so as to start journey of DMARC ASSURE p=none to p=quarantine Finally Destination of p=reject

For any support or any queries, please write to us on

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Version: 1.0

By: ESDS Software Solution Ltd.

Created On: 02-Apr-2020

System Requirement: CentOS(7.5), MySQL(5.6)

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