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Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Proces...



Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing powered by Neural Networks and Machine Learning helps eNlightBot to accurately detect the user’s intent & respond appropriately. 


eNlightBot dramatically improves conversational experience creating a context aware dialogue. eNlightBot ensures that the users are kept engaged and keep on coming back to avail the services. More than a Chatbot eNlightBot is a platform that makes it simple and easy to build and train intelligent Bots without the need for specialist AI skills. The bots can then be exposed through many Chats and Voice channels, a custom mobile app or even the website.

CHATBOT ADVANTAGES - Instant ROI, Automatic Reminders, Cross-selling, Up-selling, Personalized Banking Service, Easy KYC and Customer on boarding. Retrospective AdministrationIncrease end user Satisfaction, Improved Operations & Quality, Industry Specific Insights, 24*7 Customer Support, Dashboards & Reports. Industry Independent Support SpecialisteNlightBot is specialized in Specialized in industries like Banking, Insurance, Education, Hospitality, e-commerce, Government, Healthcare, Online Service, Technical Support, Troubleshooting. Business Function SpecialistCustomer Services, Sales/Marketing, Order Processing, Social Media, Payments, Recruitments. Security & ComplianceNo Direct Access to EnlightBot or Enterprise Data, Multiple Layers of Authentication, Enterprise-Grade Encryption & Secure Connections. Data Retention, Archiving/Exporting, eDiscovery/On-hold Management.


EXPERIENCE - Dialogue Management, Videos, Images, Emoticons, Voice Technology, designed to mimic Human interactions. INTELLIGENCE - Switching between Virtual & Real Agent, Business specific intelligence, NLU. 3RD PARTY INTEGRATION - Integration with Backend Systems, API Access, Site Search, Single Sign on, Ticketing Systems & CCM Softwares. SCALABILITY & SECURITY - Scalable – Vertical (Features), Scalable – Horizontal (Users), Automatic updates. SIMPLE CHATBOT - AI Powered chatbot/virtual agent with multilingual support. READS THE KEYWORD & RESPONDS APPROPRIATELY  - Natural human like conversations Understands user intentions and contexts Ensures conversational experience Engaging and drives to business convergence.


eNlightBot can be used by various industries such as Banking, Insurance, Education, Hospitality, e-commerce, Government, Healthcare, Online Service etc. Also can be used for functions such as Technical Support, Troubleshooting etc.


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