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Jodo Video

By: Avhan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Starts digital Video call - Directly from your website,No Telecom Bills,No Geographical Limits in Business


Product Overview

Real Time Digital Communication

Jodo helps you serve millions of customers globally in realtime.

Jodo embeds communication channels and media directly within websites, eCommerce sites, business applications. The browser that loads a website or a business application session also supports 'live' Video calls between customers and dispersed business employees - including captive/outsourced contact center teams.


Rich in Features:

The caller can exchange chat messages with the user even as he is talking to him.

The customer can share his GPS location with the user if he requires any assistance.

The customer and the user can share screen and documents to support the customers through their journey 

Capture image during the call for on-boarding customers

Conference in a subject matter expert for assistance

Bandwidth management and bandwidth indicator

Recording all calls for future reference

Real-time monitoring for team lead / Supervisor


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Jodo Video is initiated at the click of a button from any website or webpage or from within any business applications and platforms like CRMs, HRMS, e-Commerce, etc. It can also be initiated by scanning QR codes, from personal profile pages or through signature links of emails or social media.


Avhan operates a help desk as standard service hours to receive, respond and resolve any ‘fault’ reports. Standard service hours are Monday to Saturday (excluding public/Avhan holidays) from 9:30 am – 6:30 pm. For support outside standard service hours a special telephonic support is available.

Any fault reported will be responded to as per the defined criticality / severity.

Changes required after sign off and hand – over will be considered as CRs (Change Requests) and will be charged as appropriate.

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By: Avhan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Created On: 31-Mar-2021

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