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Enterprise grade, browser based and Cloud enabled digital library.



i-lib is an enterprise grade, browser based and Cloud enabled digital library software. The requirement of an effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is need of the hour for several small and medium sized organizations. i-lib is one such solution that caters to this need in a multidisciplinary way. i-lib is independent of Platform, Operating System, Location and Hardware. It can run on LAN, WAN, Cloud and VPN easily. i-lib is designed to store, manage, share and retrieve a varied range of document types including audio, video, images, multimedia, visualizations, bibliographical data, thesis, emails, projects, records, forms and so on, thereby serving multidisciplinary needs of an organization.


i - Lib covers the management of information within the entire scope of an enterprise - 

  • Control over the documents and other content belonging to an organization.
  • Monitoring their lifecycle 
  • Abandoning the traditional methods of managing hard format documents, as they are tedious to manage and consume a huge fraction of office spaces and retrieving haphazardly arranged documents lead to wastage of time and productive hours.
  • All modern organizations, irrespective of their sizes, are implementing IT enabled Libraries, as it organizes these contents more methodically, simplifying its management and recovery process. 


Features –

Platform Features 

  • Content upload
  • Associated Meta Data Upload
  • Book Publishing Workflow
  • Searching – Fuzzy Logic Search
  • Text Read Out 
  • Full Screen View
  • Dictionary Integration
  • Web Search of selected words from the viewer
  • Bookmarking
  • User Sign Up
  • Shopping Cart 
  • Check Out & Payment
  • Content Experience 
  • Content Commercial Classification 
  • Auto Log Out (After a certain period of inactivity)
  • Request for new content in the library.
  • Download, screenshot, right click – disabled
  • Content Tags
  • Tag Personalisation
  • 3-way Audit trail 
  • Multilingual Language support


  • User Management 
  • Content Space Management
  • Analytics Dashboard for Admin


  • Linux environment for server – secured from any intrusion of malware
  • Role-based access privilege
  • Supports Active Directory authentication
  • Strong password policy
  • Restricted file upload
  • DB Security – NoSQL database is secured from data thefts or DB destruction
  • Audit log on all/selection actions in transactions
  • User-wise activity monitoring
  • IP Binding – End user can be restricted to access the application from a given IP only
  • Authorized token-based access to data or function (using JWT)
  • User log-in IP address tracking facility
  • Document upload, edit, approval using a workflow with authorized access only
  • System supports SSL and TLS (especially for email exchange server)
  • System supports https and HTTPS (web server)
  • Cross-site scripting possibility – taken care of
  • CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) protection handled
  • Form data sent by encrypted channel
  • Cookie attribute is set securely (https only)
  • A secured system with information disclosure handled

Content Management 

  • A separate container for content and data
  • Intelligent search with Fuzzy Logic
  • Integration capabilities – internal component and external applications
  • Smart Data Visualization for insights
  • The high performing search is extremely fast, retrieving thousands of files in milliseconds
  • The actions like upload, download, create or delete can be permission-based from superuser level
  • Discipline-based access control of documents (parameterised)
  • Parameterization of metadata for different document types
  • Supports e-pub, mobi, AWZ, DjVu, RTF, PDF, MS-Office files, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Audio, Video file formats
  • Facility to make incoming PDFs from external sources searchable (OCRed)
  • Image files and associated index data can be uploaded in sync with each other
  • Custom search allows file/folder/content-based search for given index criteria
  • Custom search has Fuzzy Logic option for content search
  • Activity trail showing all actions done by the users on a file with timestamp
  • Capability to upload as many versions of a document with all the available versions


  • Generate email on task assignment to get response through a response mail in i-lib
  • Reviewing/commenting on a submitted file by all reviewers in parallel
  • Review and approval of uploaded files with to and fro task assignments among the stakeholders


  • Educational Institutes and Universities 
  • Archives (Corporate, Public and Govt.) 
  • Research Institutes R&D labs 
  • SME/ SMB


Support is included in the offered price of product. Connectivity to onsite server through VPN is required for the support in case of On - Premise installation. 



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