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inDefend Advanced, being a combination of DLP + Use...



inDefend Advanced, being a combination of DLP + User Activity Monitoring + Employee Productivity, is a complete Insider Threat Response System monitoring the Users’ Allowed and Blocked Activities on the endpoint level.


  • The Executive Dashboard of the solution gives a holistic picture of the entire organization’s health score based on the data protection score, compliance score and productivity score.
  • The Activity Analytics section helps in monitoring the users related to all the activities related to Browsers, Applications, Emails, Devices, File Uploads, Phrases Searched and Chat Activities. The admin can drill down to granular logs of which user did what exact activity with the respective timestamps.
  • Dynamic Rule set section offers the customer the flexibility to create custom incident rules based on their organizational requirement, thereby preventing any false positives. The rules can further be classified on their kind of threat and their magnitude of effect in the organization. All the incidents created will get hits based on the users triggering the incidents in the organization which are visible from the Incident Summary section, giving a complete visibility on what did the user exactly perform on the endpoint level which triggered a certain incident. Based on the incidents created and the incident hits, inDefend Advanced calculates the scores which get populated on the Executive Dashboard, along with the Forensic Timeline of the organization. The scoring is available for a particular zone, department and user.
  • Productivity Reports section will generate various reports regarding the Login and Logout times of the users, Productivity Summary report, Application and Web Browsing on a daily basis.


  • Data Leakage Prevention/Application Monitoring/Workplace Productivity.
  • Offertime spent on productive and unproductive applications.
  • Offertime spent on productive and unproductive URLs.
  • It offers idle time, inactive time visibility to users.
  • Offers most productive app and unproductive app usage.
  • Report can be pushed from manager to employee on a daily basis.
  • It offers weekly visibility of employee activities.
  • Report can be downloadable in pdf format.


Use cases covered by inDefend Solution

  • Browser Activity
  • Application Network Activity
  • SMTP Email Activity
  • File Upload Activity
  • Device Activity
  • Search Engine Activity
  • Content Filtering
  • Google Chat Activity
  • Strong Analytics & Incident Reporting
  • Productivity Monitoring


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