Indefend Advanced Case Study

Construction Sector

We are pleased with the product. The real time incident reporting provided by inDefend Business has helped us in gaining the insights of our work environment. The immediate actions taken on the basis of reporting have helped us in keeping our sensitive information safe and secure.
– Director, Construction Sector

One of the leading customers who is a Mumbai-based redevelopment company with a decade-long reputation for building high-quality homes on schedule, with complete honesty and transparency. We are unique in our focus on redevelopment as well as the value we place on our work culture and our relationships with our clients.


Data leak in real estate sector does not ring a bell to many. Because traditionally, real estate or construction in one such industry that is not driven by data, hence the risk of the data leak is low. Wrong! Since most construction firms do not have expertise in IT security, they run the risk of falling easy prey to cybercrime. The belief that 'construction companies have no confidential data to lose, hence they are not the targets' is precisely what makes them an easy target.

Some of the major challenges they faced were as follows:
1. Data Circulation via insecure channels

Within the organization, a lot of sensitive documents were circulated across various teams through insecure emails and removable devices.

2. Outbound Dataflow

There was no monitoring of the data being sent out or received during the day. The IT team of the customer wanted to ensure that the valuable information of the organization is safeguarded without harming the personal space or privacy of the employees.

3. Data Leak Prevention

A major problem which the customer faced was that sensitive documents which were being downloaded across multiple systems were not secured. This put their confidential data at a great risk. Accidentally or intentionally sensitive data could get shared with outsiders from within the organization’s network.

Benefits Post Deployment of inDefend

After realizing its data security challenges the customer began to analyze best fit security solution for their network. After extensive evaluation, they concluded to be associated with Data Resolve’s inDefend- Data Leakage Prevention Solution. The solution is capable of implementing and managing policies from a single dashboard. With a cost-effective tool, it has become easier for the customer to closely monitor various on-going activities inside the corporate network.

The solution also helped them secure email communications within the organization with shadow logging and OCR. It generates an incident log along with a shadow copy of the email content and attachments on the server. The client can identify any sensitive document sent out in the form of an image, even if sent to hard-to-hold bcc recipients.

Also, the visibility of data movement is another advantage for the organization. Real time alerting mechanism enabled them to stay proactive and updated with the turn of events happening.