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Miri Virtual Super Tokenized Card

By: Manipal Technologies Ltd

Contactless super virtual tokenized card for mobi...



Contactless super virtual tokenized card for mobile generation. Secures card credentials eliminates frauds, Dynamic & all channels enable.


Super tokenized card a digital card which is secure, better user experience, Faster & instant digital transaction solution for generation G & millennials.


Tokenization of card managed by banks. E commerce, POS & ATM all channels enabled. NFC & Dynamic QR code based payment. Single & recurring card for better customer experience available with existing mobile banking or standalone app. Cloud & on Premises solution. Original card credential protection. Algorithm based card number generation offline generation of card numbers. Faster dispute resolution management. Dynamic & self-destructing card numbers.


All channel enabled (Eom, POS & ATM via NFC & QR code) based card solution for Generation G & Millennialls.

National common mobility & Prepaid card also available

Integration available with mobile app of bank and stand alone app too.


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