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A Personalized, Scalable and Secure Video Conferenc...



A Personalized, Scalable and Secure Video Conferencing solution.


eNlight Meet is a secure and reliable video conferencing platform, allowing seamless communication over audio and video channels. Meet is extremely user friendly and highly available for everyday communication between teammates, classroom environments and in places where close to real communication needs to happen between individuals remotely.


Fast Meetings: Schedule meetings buy easily creating meetings room, without the fuss of navigating through settings and buttons.

Secure Meeting Rooms: All audio and video interactions are secured at different levels.

Collaborative Rooms: Meet comes with essential features that enable productive collaboration between participants. 

Flexible Room Sizes: Meet provides flexible and scalable meeting rooms that can accommodate minimum of two participants and scale up to 50 participants without any disturbance. 

Recording Sessions: With eNlight Meet, the organizers can record the meeting from start to end.

Platform Independent: eNlight Meet does not require and additional application to be installed on the local system. Meetings can be hosted on a web browser directly.


eNlight Meet can be used for Video Conferencing, Scheduling remote meetings online.


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